Autoclaved aerated concrete

Autoclaved aerated concrete, or aac, is concrete that has been synthetic to comprise lots of closed air wallet. Lightweight and pretty power efficient, it’s far produced via including a foaming agent to concrete in a mildew, then wire-slicing blocks or panels from the ensuing ‘cake’ and ‘cooking’ them with steam (autoclaving).

The popularity of AAC Blocks Philippines has grown seeing that its introduction right here two decades ago, even though the market remains dominated by way of one manufacturer, hebel. In europe aac has a protracted history of development, having been in use for more than 70 years. It has a slight embodied strength content and performs nicely as thermal and sound insulation, due to the aerated shape of the cloth and its unique aggregate of thermal insulation and thermal mass. It’s far mild, does now not burn, is an exquisite fireplace barrier, and is capable of aid quite large masses. It is highly clean to work with and may be reduce and formed with hand equipment such as woodworking equipment.
Blocks are made to very exacting dimensions and are usually laid in skinny-mattress mortar this is carried out with a toothed trowel, despite the fact that more traditional thick-mattress mortar can be used. Wall panels are storey top, bolstered and mechanically constant. Aac can also be utilized in panel shape for ground and roof production. It has a long existence and does not produce poisonous gases after it’s been installed place.

Performance summary


Autoclaved aerated concrete is light coloured. It carries many small voids (just like those in aerated chocolate bars) that can be certainly seen while checked out carefully. The fuel used to ‘foam’ the concrete all through manufacture is hydrogen shaped from the reaction of aluminium paste with alkaline factors within the cement. These air wallet make contributions to the material’s insulating houses. In contrast to masonry, there’s no direct path for water to bypass via the cloth; however, it can wick up moisture and the precise coating is required to save you water penetration.

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