Geotab GPS Tracker Installation Guide


There are inherent risks with misuse of electronics and these are generally well known and communicated in product instructions and literature with an aim to prevent accidents. Many user warning labels of products include warnings like: “improper use may lead to serious injury….” along with instructions stating the do’s and don’ts. Geotab GPS tracker installation is no different. It is essential to review the installation instructions carefully and read and follow the specific warnings that are found on the specification sheet.

In this post, we list some helpful resources for installation. We also give some examples of product misuse and the consequences of not following the specific Geotab installation instructions.

How to Install a Geotab GPS Tracking Device

There are a number of online materials to help you learn how to correctly install a Geotab tracking device. Device installation is often straightforward. Harnesses are available for specialty installations, Heavy-Duty applications, or to keep the diagnostic port exposed if desired (professional installation required). We also have two universal T-Harness kits to simplify the installation process.

For Plug-&-Play installation, there are three basic steps to the process. First, locate the on-board diagnostic port (OBD). Next, connect and secure the device. The LED lights on the device will signal when the connection is made. Finally, go online to confirm the device is communicating. That’s it.

Keep in mind, depending on the type of vehicle or truck or if the port has to be kept free, a specialty harness may be required.

Read important related safety information and limitations of use following these installation instructions. Read and follow all instructions and warnings to prevent serious injury and/or vehicle damage. For more details, see the Geotab GO7 device install insert.

Examples of Correct Installation of a Geotab GPS Tracker

A Geotab GO device that is correctly installed (with harness or connected to port) will be mounted solidly and secured.

  1. Secure your device with the supplied cable tie.
  2. Correct installation directly into port.


In conclusion, it’s unpredictable how electronics will behave under extreme misuse conditions (outside the operating specifications stated on the product specification sheet), the Geotab GO device included. By following the Geotab product specific installation instructions, and using the product within its design operating envelope as noted on the product specification sheet you not only reduce the risk of device/vehicle damage and injury from misuse, but also improve the device long term reliability.

Next time you get into your Geotab equipped vehicle, take a look at the device installation. Ensure it looks like the good examples provided in figure 9 and figure 10 illustrating correct installation (see section above: Examples of Correct Installation of a GPS Tracker).

If you believe the installation might not be correct, or looks like any of the examples of incorrect installation shown in this blog, notify your fleet manager immediately who should contact their respective Authorized Geotab Reseller for follow-up to ensure the installation is done correctly to keep us on the road ahead.


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