Six tips for proper GOHO attack-Best attack strategy for Town hall 9 and Town hall 8 in Clash of Clans

proper GOHO attack

Hello guys, In this article I am going to write about an awesome strategy which is called GOHO. I think you may know the expansion of these terms, Go stands for golem and Ho stands for hog. The combination of golem with good number of hogs and wizards contributes to the GOHO strategy, The strategy is a 3 star strategy in my experience of clashing in this game. This strategy requires some practical thinking because you need to guess where the giant bombs could be present in the enemy war base, And you should trigger them with your golem or any other troops. I will give you Five tips for using this trick properly in this article “Five tips for proper GOHO attack-Best attack strategy for Town hall 9 and Town hall 8 in Clash of Clans”

Army Composition of this Powerful GOHO Strategy

  • Golem (level 4 better)(3 golems)(1 CC)
  • Hog Raiders (Level 5 compulsory)(16 hogs)
  • Wizards (Level 5)(16 Wizards)
  • Spell ( Max level spells)( 3 healing+ 1 jump spell)

So guys this is the army composition of this powerful attack strategy. So guys if you are planning to use this powerful strategy I would recommend you to upgrade the army troops, Maxed for you respective town hall. This strategy works in town hall 8 and town hall 9 too.

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Contribution of each troop towards this attact strategy GOHO

Golem is a good tanking unit which is created to absorb damages dealt by the defences or any other things. So guys your duty is to drop golem in the manner to distract the defences.

They are good jumpers, Take max hogs. Use them in trap less area, For this attack to be successful you would need max level hogs.

Heavy damaging units and also splash damage but low health, If its properly given meat shields it would definitely destroy most of the structures.

Six Tips for proper GOHO attacks in Clash of Clans

  • Use your spells wisely, always keep two healing spells for hogs and one healing and jump for your golems, Usage of spells at proper time does matters very well.
  • I would suggest you lure the enemy clan castle units and kill them using double poison, The one poison spell you create from dark spell factory and another poison spell is that you will get from your clan castle. On using double poison spells, You can kill the enemy clan castle units in a small amount of time. Use spells one after one.
  • Drop the golem in a line like manner, Occupy all the area effectively. Select a side where there is maximum defences, Drop 3 golems adjacent to each other. So that they can cover maximum defences
  • The golem dropping area should be selected in a way that, It should trigger at least 2-3 giant bombs which may be in second or third row of the base.
  • The main enemy for mass hogs is traps which is placed inside or outside the COC enemy base and the giant bomb which has bonus damage versus hogs. And also splash damage, Deploy hogs in the area where you think there would be no traps, As soon as you drop hogs, Keep an eye on them, Keep your healing spells ready whenever your hogs fall over a giant bomb put the healing spell.
  • Always keep 2 wizards and 3-4 archers for backup which could save you from 99 % 2 star, That like situations.

So guys that’s all about the today’s topic “Five tips for proper GOHO attack-Best attack strategy for Town hall 9 and Town hall 8 in Clash of Clans”. I hope you would have enjoyed this article and you would have learned some new information’s. We all know that “Practice makes a man perfect”, Keep on planning and practising this strategy till you get well in it. If you have any doubts ask me in comment section below. Thanks for reading this article and I hope you like it, If you do like share this article with your friends and like our Facebook page. Stay tuned for future articles. Check out the video below for some good informations.

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