Some FAQS about computer science

Computer science is one of those fields of study and work that overlaps with plenty of other options like computer engineering, software engineering and more. There are a number of ways to earn a degree in computer science and you can opt out of the traditional engineering route if you wish to major in computer science whilst studying in the Science, Arts or Commerce streams. You might have plenty of questions pertaining to computer science and engineering. These are the answers to a few of the frequently asked ones.

  • What kind of career can I look forward to after earning a degree in computer science and engineering?

Computer science and engineering is a varied field. Programming is not the only job available to graduates! Of course, programming is a large part of it, but you can also pursue careers in designing, testing, planning, coordination and more. You can add a management quotient to your degree and take up a career as a Computer Systems Manager. There are plenty of advanced degrees that will allow you to pursue a career in a chosen specialization like bioinformatics or robotics.

  • I like being around people, is computer science and engineering the right career path for me?

The idea that computer science engineers sit cooped up in their cubicle away from civilization is a myth and an outdated one, at that. Of course, you can choose to be a computer scientist if you enjoy programming and solitude but most computer science and engineering jobs require interaction with teams and plenty of coordinated effort. This is the main reason why most employers look for a certain amount of communication skills in a prospective employee. Working with people will be a part of your job description.

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  • What is the future of computer science and engineering?

Computer science and engineering careers have always been situated around software engineering, programming, graphics, database management, multimedia work, networks and of course, artificial intelligence. With changing times, plenty has changed within the fields of study and work as well. The future of computer science and engineering exists in the realm of overlapping and converging branches of study.

For example, the convergence of the principles of biology and the applicable principles of computer science have lead to a whole new field of study and work called bioinformatics. Computer science and engineering can change the way people look at problems in geology, biology, chemistry, physics and pretty much any other field of study. Dual-majors seem to be the way into the future. Most students are coupling their computer science course with traditional study options like software engineering or programming.

Other options include coupling computer science and engineering with biology (bioinformatics), criminal justice (security and information policy), fine arts (career in animation) and business for management level jobs.

Success in computer science and engineering can be yours if you have the right bent of mind. If you love problem-solving and creative thinking, mathematics and computing systems, you will enjoy a career in computer science and engineering immensely.


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